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About Us

Embark on an exciting journey of representing your birth Month that will make you glow with elegance. Lyfetree Store has the latest and most elegant collections of premium quality jewelry pieces and other Limited Edition merchandise for every occasion at a great reasonable cost! 

Working closely with artisans to design unique hand-made pieces, Lyfetree Store marries vintage inspiration with sleek mixed metals, hand-cast pendants and natural stones to create high-quality, versatile pieces that tell a story. Each collection offers and array of trendy accessories that are sure to add sparkle and personality to your jewelry box. Choose from our selections Statement Necklaces & Bracelets, Hand-stamped Charm Pendants, Bangles, Earrings, Rings, Limited Edition printed merchandise. We also offer an extensive range of Men’s Jewelry items and functional jewelry products.

Operating in Canada, United States of America, Hong Kong and United Kingdom, we offer 
WORLDWIDE Shipping to 
U.S.A  | CANADA | AUSTRALIA | NEW ZEALAND | EUROPE | BRAZIL | UNITED KINGDOM | HONG KONG and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders.

For any additional information regarding cancellations, refunds or customer services requests please contact us by email at: support@lifetreestore.com

Lyfetree Store offers unique quality items that you won't find in your local stores.